We are photographers, web designers and animal lovers.

A small team of 2 Colin and Lisa. For the last 33 years, we have done pretty much everything together. I attended art school in South Africa where I grew up and then went and studied Business and Marketing along with computer studies. Photography is a funny thing there are lots of us folk that love photography and many really exceptional photographers who have an eye for the shot. Even Lisa has had a love of birds and photographing them for as long as I can remember. For me, my favourite work is done on the pc inside of photoshop and in fact if you want to bring your photos and your website to life you need to spend a good time getting the images just perfect for the design. Some examples below of what I mean. 

We love animals and nature and were fortunate enough to video the entire length of the 62kms of cable installation across farmland from Andersby Creek to Bicker. This was for the offshore wind farm cabling system. We were privileged to see a mass of wildlife as we walked the length of the cabling route. We used a 4k drone to video the entire route. 

We care about the success of your business..

So to clarify who we are and what we do. We are a middle-aged couple who have lots of experience with photography, website design, and Google Business. There are certain things within the code of a website that can have a dramatic effect on local search results which I build in as standard. This is apart from schema sections of your site and the usual on-site optimisations. I create and optimise your Google Business Profile. 

Apart from this and as a major diversion, we are both qualified dog trainers and Lisa spends a lot of her day working with dogs because she loves animals so much. You can find out more here DoggyCoach.co.uk